BACKAnderson Power Pole Connectors and Accessories

Available from Connex-Electronics


Part Number Description Color/illustration NTRAK
1327G6 Housing Black common
1327 Housing Red main 1
1327G7 Housing White 12 volts
1327G16 Housing Yellow main 2
1327G8 Housing Blue branch
1327G5 Housing Green mountain line
1327G17 Housing Orange passing track
1331 Contact 30 AMP  
1399G9 Red Mounting Wing
1470G1 Chasis Mount PowerPak Housing for 4 Pole (2 Pair) 15-45 amp
110G9 Retaining Pin  
1470G2 Chasis Mount PowerPak Housing for 6 Pole (3 Pair) 15-45 amp
1470G3 Chasis Mount PowerPak Housing for 8Pole (4 Pair) 15-45 amp
1462G1 Mounting Clamp for 2 or 4 Pole 15-45 amp PowerPoles

(2 required)

1462G2 Mounting Clamp for 3 or 6 Pole 15-45 amp PowerPoles
1462G3 Mounting Clamp for 4 or 8 Pole 15-45 amp PowerPoles
PP-CRIMPER . Hand Crimp Tool for 15, 30, 45, AND 75 amp contacts This versatile Hand Crimper is capable of crimping the 15, 30, 45, and 75 amp contacts for Anderson PowerPoles . This tool handles most small volume and hobbyist applications without the expense of a genuine Anderson Crimper . Many Anderson Users report excellent results using this reliable tool .